Brousse 'after summer'


Brousse Aperitivo
Food & Drinks

Brousse Aperitivo
Food & Drinks
No reservation needed

Brousse aperitivo is open to all. Feel free to join us at the Brousse for a drink, fresh food and a nice talk.

Brousse Flavours
Chef Bonanno welcomes you
at Brousse!

The basic idea of ‘Brousse’ is the creation of a creative platform where “art&food” are brought together in one interesting, inspirational whole. This way, an ‘open house’ is generated where creative people can exchange views in a quiet, relaxing environment while sharing a meal. The archetype of being together.

Brousse invites you to take notice.

to open your creative mind —
to share your thoughts.

Brousse begins to work on you, soothing your mind, and reawakening your sense of being connected.

Brousse blends people and creativity in ways that ignite your curiosity and ground you among all the grandeur.